Excessive amounts of mold and certain types of mold can cause unpleasant health problems for humans and pets.  It can also destroy the integrity of a building structure.  Improper removal techniques can cross-contaminate and environment and create an even larger problem.  CPS works 24/7 and will act quickly to remediate the situation within your schedule.

Our Five Step Process
1)  Identify moisture intrusion -  Mold cannot grow without a water source.
2)  Containment & Filtration - Resources isolate the area to eliminate the spread of mold spores to

     clean areas. HEPA air filters and negative air machines run throughout the project. Mold spores,

     dust, MVOCs, and other airborne debris are eliminated from the air.

3)  Removal - Contaminated materials are removed or remediated according to mold remediation


4)  Encapsulate - Seal the treated areas

5) Re-construct -  CPS’s skilled resources can install new building materials to bring the property to

     its pre-loss condition.


Our Guarantee

Mold remediation company CMRC* Certification # 79158


Surface Sample Test
Do you have discoloration/staining on interior building materials?  If so, we can test the suspect material and provide you with an independent lab report to determine if mold is present and the type/toxicity of the mold .  Some stains can easily be mistaken as mold.  Be sure!

Air Quality Test
Air samples are recommended when a suspicion of mold exists but is not clearly visible (musty smell or suspected mold cover-up or previous water damage).  Samples are examined by an independent lab and can detect the presence of airborne mold spores in excess of “healthy, normal, levels”.  If mold is lurking and affecting the air you breathe, this test will identify it.


Mold Inspector CMI* Certification # 79091

CPS Environmental Mold Service is a State of Illinois Licensed business.  Professional laborers will perform all work.  Access to the work area will be limited to our employees and those  who have proper respiratory equipment.    CPS cannot warranty our work against future mold occurences.  Microbial growth could reoccur if the source of moisture is not remedied.  We do guarantee existing mold present @ start date will be professionally treated using specialized chemicals in a safe & proper manner as to not cross-contaminate other areas. CPS does support our product warranties.  The client guarantees the company or its agents the right to examine or re-inspect any disputes prior to any repairs and/or replacements being made. Any disputes must be in writing to the company within 90 days of project completion date.The company will assume no liability for any disputes presented beyond 90 days of project completion.  The 90 day period shall be transferable to subsequent owners of the property.