REALTORS: Home inspector find mold in a property you have listed or an offer on?  CPS can help.  We specialize in real estate transaction work.  CPS's quick response, free estimates and fair pricing help contain the situation and turns a panic into a workable solution allowing the deal to stay alive. 

Before you list a property:

If homeowner doesn't identify any visible mold in the general living spaces, have the non-living spaces (attic, crawlspace, sump areas, floor joists) checked for mold.  Do not lose a deal because an inspector finds it and you immediately lose the buyer.

Frequent causes of mold:

moist, high humidity conditions

water leaks (intrusions)

bath fans not exhausting to exterior

insulation covering soffit vents

no vapor barriers

faulty HVAC system

Usual mold findings are in attics, crawlspaces and basements.  However, mold can grow anywhere in the general living space of a residence.